SNSD CF Models of SamYang Ramyun!

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“We are SamYang Ramyun Friends”

[The Times] The national girl group SNSD (from SM Entertainment) has been chosen to be the new face of SamYang Ramyun.

The marketing team leader, Seo Jinwoo, of SamYang Foods said, “For the new advertisements in 2009, we chose SNSD as the new models because they were pure and lively, so that they can seem like everybody’s friend, rather than having them just to target the teens and 20-somethings.” He also explained the reason for casting them by saying, “Not only did SNSD particularly have a gorgeous image on a variety of programs, but their exciting image and the way they communicate by just looking at each other shows the sincerity of their friendships. This went well with the SamYang Ramyun’s concept.”

SamYang Ramyun is filming their CF this time with the concept, “Friendly Ramyun, Samyang Ramyun,” with the SNSD members showing that SamYang Ramyun can fill their boredom by dancing happily to the “SimmerSimmer” song.

More importantly, SNSD sings the song “SimmerSimmer” in the CF, making the lyrics for CM song easy and fun for people to follow along. While they sing, they will boil the ramyun and do eating actions to the song. SNSD’s dance is expected to capture the viewers’ attentions through their cute and lively charisma.

There is talk that SNSD spent an entire day filming while not showing a hint of being tired, and livening up the mood in the set with their bright and cheerful image from start to finish. It wasn’t until a little later than 4 in the morning that trial shoots begun, but the all the members ate the ramyun with very real expressions.

SNSD’s new ad campaign with SamYang Ramyun, “Friendly Ramyun, Samyang Ramyun” is to air in the beginning of October.
(The Times Nam Yoonhyung)

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